Use Short-Form Video to Build Relationships, Generate Leads, Increase Sales

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Show Notes:

We all know that video has taken marketing – especially online marketing – by storm. Facebook reported back in 2016 that users were watching 100 million hours of video watched a day.

But video isn’t just for sales pages or how-to demos. It’s also important for building relationships and can be powerful at the early stage of the marketing and sales process.

So if you’re looking for a way to establish rapport, strengthen a relationship, and inspire more connection so you can have an easier time helping potential clients say yes to meeting with you and to speed up the process it takes for them to say yes while not being salesy then maybe relationship building videos are what you want to consider.

Listen in as Steve Pacinelli, Chief Marketing Officer for BombBomb dot com shares:

• Why is video so powerful in marketing and sales
• Why text-based email isn’t always the best communication tool and when is the best time to use video
• Why it’s easy for a text-based message to get misinterpreted
• The importance of trust in the buying process and how video helps build trust and helps build it quickly
• Why relationship videos don’t have to be slick or fancy
• Best practices for relationship building via email including the easy 3-step formula for creating quick, powerful videos
• And The best length for your videos to maximize impact and action

As always be sure to listen all the way to the end and I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

Terms in This Episode That Might Be New to You

Scripted Video — A video whose script has been planned and written out
Green Screens — A green piece of fabric (or other backdrop) that is placed behind someone who is appearing on video so a different image can appear behind the person.
Drones — Small, usually unmanned, remote controlled piloted devices
Short-Form Video — Very brief videos that are typically unscripted
Tonality — Usually used with respect to music, speaks to the sound of a video
Authenticity — Used with respect to marketing it speaks to something that’s “true to a person’s personality, spirit, or character” according to
Resonate — Used in a business or marketing context it refers to something that touches someone and inspires them to action
Prospecting — Looking for or taking action that generates leads
Microwave mentality — A reference to how fast we expect things to happen


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