wha_headshot_webcast_event_sept2015Welcome to Let’s Talk Tech! I’m your host, Winnie Anderson.

Tech is not something that comes easily to me.

I really didn’t have much exposure to technology during my corporate career; and I always worked in big organizations that had a team of IT professionals to call on when something broke down.

I knew when I went out on my own that I’d be doing everything myself but knowing that and really KNOWING it are different.

Luckily I love learning and I’m very determined. I’ll spend hours figuring something out. The problem is that’s usually not the best use of my time to do that.

As I was trying to figure out how to market myself as a consultant, I realized that my clients often wouldn’t understand the technology they needed to achieve the goals we had set and to do the things I was recommending for them.

I ended up doing work I really didn’t want to do because they had no one to help them and they didn’t know how to find help.

One day I started to realize I was having a hard time managing all the administrative details in my business. I would forget to call people. I struggled to stay organized.

I have a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and ADD as a result of my head injury, so staying organized is important. It’s also hard for me.

Living with a TBI is incredibly frustrating…but that’s another story.

I went to a group I’m on LinkedIn and asked for advice about what I needed to help me stay on top of things.

I was in one of those situations where I didn’t know exactly what I needed — was it a CRM system? A time management tool? Something else?

Well, I got several replies and one was extremely snarky.

The person’s response made me feel stupid and the responder chastized me for not doing a better job of asking my question.

Luckily, someone else in the group recognized I didn’t know what I didn’t know and explained the things I needed to think about in order to figure out what would be the best solution.

Then I started noticing just how many of my contacts were getting caught up in the tech issues of what they were trying to do.

Maybe you can relate to some of this stuff…

…buying a training program that was supposed to teach you how to do something or achieve some outcome, only to get verwhelmed by all the technology needed in addition to the program you bought to really accomplish the goal

…spending dozens — maybe hundreds of hours — trying to figure out how to create a website and put your profiles on social media sites.

…figuring out email systems, autoresponders, and shoppingcarts.

…trying to write sales copy…trying to create a sales funnel….

Maybe you want to create courses but in addition to designing your course you have to figure out which platform to put it on and how to use it, plus how to figure out how to market the program, and how to sell it.

And of course we’re all trying to maximize our reach and revenue, while working as efficiently as possible.

Meanwhile new software, systems, services, and apps keep coming out and the gurus keep telling you that you’ve got to jump on the next big thing or your going to miss out.

And you’re doing this while trying to attract and service clients, and actually have a personal life.

You might have tried to research the tools you need but found the information confusing and overwhelming.

You watch the webinars and they make things look so easy. But after you buy the tool, you discover how hard it is to learn and you feel stupid asking the questions you have because everyone else seems to get it.

This is all why I decided to launch this show.

I didn’t want another person to be made to feel stupid when they ask a question.

I don’t want people to waste money anymore.

I have big plans for the show. I’m hoping it will inspire tech companies to improve the support and training materials they offer as well as provide better information that entrepreneurs can use to make a purchase decision.

I don’t want you to become a wizard at WordPress or master your shopping cart system.

But I do want you to understand the language…the jargon associated with each tech tool. I want you to understand what you need to think about in order to make a good decision and how to get the most out of a free trial.

And I really want you to become profitable quickly. I want you to be so profitable that you hire professionals to do the work that’s not your core gift. And  I want you to feel good about managing and working with them.

I don’t want you to be like or feel like…

…the VP of Marketing for a chain of fitness clubs who scheduled a meeting with me and then asked me to explain all the things her web developers were telling her and asking her for.

…the doctor who told me she was “stupid” because she was struggling to write the sales copy that the agency she hired to create her website kept asking her for

…or the former business owner who sold his company for multi-millions of dollars and felt “like an idiot” because he couldn’t understand programs like Clickfunnels or Lead Pages.

You’re not stupid. You’re no one’s idea of dumb.

But I understand why you feel that way.

You were an expert at what you did in your previous professional life. You’re not an expert in online business building or online marketing and sales.

And it’s easy to get sold on something that’s really not what you need for the situation you’re in.

So listen to the shows, get the free resources, and consider subscribing — both in iTunes so you get the episodes delivered right to your device of choice — and here on the site.

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In addition to the show, I’m building a community on Facebook.

This group is a safe place to go to ask questions about the software, systems, services, and apps needed to launch, run, and grow a profitable business. My dream for the group is that it will become such a vibrant community that tech providers will turn to it for things like beta tests and evaluation of training materials.

If you’d like to become a member of that community, just click the link to head to the group on Facebook. In the banner you’ll see a button that will say “Join”. Click on that and once I see your request I’ll approve it. In the image below here it says “Joined” because I’m already a member. It will say “Join” when you’re on that page before you ask to be added.


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Thanks for being here and welcome. I wish you every success as you move forward in your business.

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