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While the Internet has changed marketing forever, it’s also made it more challenging to get the attention of and remain top-of=mind with our potential, past, and current clients.

According to research firm, Forrester, “4.8 billion people globally will use a mobile phone, and smartphone subscribers will represent 46 percent of the global population.

While that growth is largely influenced by Africa and Asia. mobile devices — especially smartphones — are such an important part of the lives of Americans that 44% of cell phone owners report sleeping with their phone next to their bed (Pew Research).

You invest a great deal of time, effort, and money to attract clients. But retention is really the name of the game because repeat business is more profitable.

One of the great ways to stay top-of-mind with current and past clients, and make it easier to buy from you again, and to strengthen your relationship with them is by offering a mobile app.

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Tech show, Dan Muchnok of Opticom Appss, gives us a big picture overview of apps.

Listen to this episode to discover:

What exactly IS an app

the pros and cons of having one

the best purpose for one

the steps in creating one

how to hire a developer





Cost of Acquisition

Push out / Push notifications




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