Beta Course Checkout Page

I’m glad you’re interested in learning more about the first Beta group of How to Create and Launch a Unique Podcast.

Here are the program details:

The content:

We’ll cover the 7 M’s of Creating and Launching Unique Podcast with a focus on leveraging the show as part of your marketing funnel and content creation process. Like I said in the video, all of the information I found when I started working on my show was about the tech elements of creating a podcast. It didn’t help me plan or create the content. It didn’t help me develop my show as a marketing tool. Nothing focused on creating a show that would be unique and impactful.

Message — This is the most important segment since it’s the foundation of why people will listen to you and it’s the foundation of a truly unique show. We’ll work on the “big idea” around your show — the solution your show offers and the problem it solves. You’ll create your show’s:

  • Unique core message and hook
  • Solution to your listeners’ problem
  • Content plan and calendar
  • the structure for the show and format for the episodes  so they’re interesting, entertaining, and fulfill your show’s promise.

If you do a good job in this segment you’ll be able to start working on your show’s content while you’re going through the program. But please don’t be in a hurry to do that. I’d rather have you focus on planning in these 12 weeks we’re together so when you’re ready to produce the episodes that part comes easily.

Market — You’ll identify…

  • your audience segments
  • their pain points
  • where they are in general and how to help them discover and embrace your show

This information will certainly help you market the show but it will also help you create great content.

Money — This is the big thing no one talks about or they over-emphasize the revenue potential (without telling you how to do it other than getting advertisers).

You’ll create a budget that includes…

  • initial / start-up expenses
  • ongoing / recurring expenses
  • hidden costs to take into consideration

I’ll share the best use of your budget and why I think my show did so well so fast. One thing you’ll be happy to hear:  I achieved my success WITHOUT spending any money on advertising and promotion.

You’ll create a time budget too. It will factor in the time it takes to create and manage a show.

As entrepreneurs we know time is money; so it’s important to manage our time effectively. We’ll examine how to maximize the use of the content you create so you’re maximizing your earning potential and using your show as part of your marketing and sales process.

Mechanics — This segment addresses the tech pieces that go into producing a show. We’ll talk about hardware (and what I should have bought instead of what I did), the software you need to produce the show (the minimum you need so you’re not overwhelmed — don’t worry most is free).

In this segment we’ll also address planning the show’s production and promotion, including what you’ll do yourself and what to have someone else do. Here’s a big tip: The better you plan the show the easier time you’ll have in the editing and production process.

I won’t specifically provide how-to training in tech topics like how to edit the show but I’ll help you understand the basics and how to structure your episodes and prep your guests (if you have them) in order to minimize the need for editing. I will provide you with resources for the how-to stuff and I’m trying to convince my production assistant, Judy Jordan to provide a bonus episode on getting started with Audacity, which is the tool we use to edit audio.

Management — In this segment we’ll look at structuring your show from it’s format to your episodes. We’ll also look at…

  • how to manage your time to get everything done
  • how to decide what you will do and what you won’t do
  • other “back office” sort of details that are important and that can weigh you down

The biggest issue we’ll work on here is managing your time to get everything done and still have time to serve clients and have a life. The primary focus will be on preparing for and managing your 8-week launch period.

Metrics — Here’s where we’ll look at how to measure success and what benchmarks you can use to judge your success. You’ll set up a plan to monitor your stats and to track things that are important.

Marketing — This is divided into 3 phases:  pre-launch, launch (which lasts a minimum of 8 weeks), and post-launch. You’ll have a plan for each phase but the biggest focus of the course will be on pre-launch and launch.

When Will Your Show Be Ready to Launch?

You might be wondering if you’ll be ready to launch your show by the end of the course. To be honest, I can’t promise you that. Having a show that’s “launch-ready” depends on a lot of things including if you can get your episodes recorded and edited and have at least one submitted in iTunes by the end of the 12-week program.

I think that once you’ve got the planning done, creating your episodes will happen faster. So your show could launch by the end of the three months but I think it’s more reasonable to expect it to launch a month or two after you finish the course.

But I’m not promising that. It really does depend on lots of things.

Now, there are programs out there that promise you can get your show done in 30 days. Sure you can. If you want to kill yourself. I don’t work with people who are that driven to launch. The people I work with are committed to delivering outstanding content that educates the audience and inspires them to take action. The people I work with care more about quality than speed to market.

I know you want to get launched, but I’m guessing you want to produce a great show too. Frankly, that takes time.

How the course works

Since this is a Beta program it’s a little more intense than your standard course and you’ll get more direct involvement with me than those who take the next versions.

  • The course will be taught live and recorded on Mondays from 7pm ET and could run as late as 9pm ET depending on the content, group size, and questions. Any pre-recorded sessions will be live on Mondays too. First Monday session is April 11th.
  • There will be a live Q&A call on Wednesdays at 4:00PM ET. These will be done via Zoom. Video and audio recordings will be provided. They’ll be edited as needed. This will be offered to answer questions that come up in the application of the information shared on Mondays. First Wednesday Q&A is Wednesday, April 13th.
  • The course will last for 12 weeks and will begin on Wednesday, April 6th with a 2-hour workshop on researching and clarifying your idea. This is the “super bonus” described below and will likely run from 7pm to 9pm but could go a little longer depending on questions.


  • Private Facebook group — for asking questions of me and of each other, sharing ideas, etc.
  • There will be a pre-course bonus call — a virtual cocktail party — where you’ll meet the other participants, get any pre-course questions answered, and share your show’s idea. That will be on March 30th at 7pm ET through Zoom. It’s optional to attend. But we’ll use that as the opportunity to meet each other, share your show idea, and make sure everyone is comfortable with the technology.
  • You’ll get access to recordings I’ve done with experts on time management and using your personal story to build your brand.
  • You’ll receive access to this course as long as I run it. So every time I upgrade a segment or add a resource, you’ll receive the update.

Super Bonus:

As I mentioned, in order to create a truly unique podcast you have to do research on what’s out there and build your show around unique elements — your message, your audience, your voice (which is an off-shoot of your message). This research I did was one of the things that helped me create a truly unique show. I had several ideas that simply weren’t viable because there was too much competition in the topic and for someone like me who doesn’t / didn’t have a big list.

I tossed those ideas.

Once I had the idea for a show about technology I was able to verify it and run with it. But Let’s Talk Tech was the 4th show idea I had.

This Super Bonus is really an extra workshop that will focus on how to…

  • research your show idea
  • vet it with trusted contacts
  • build confidence that you’ve made a good choice

After this running of the course is over, I’m going to turn this bonus into its own product and charge anywhere from $47 to $97 for it.

This “super bonus” session will be on Wednesday, April 6h from 7pm to 9pm ET.

Limited Bonus:

The first 3 people to commit to the course will receive a private 30-minute call with me each month to  work on their show and address any issue you want to talk about. This is full already.

Number of People in the Program:

I’m taking no more than 8 5 people in this first go-round of the course to allow me time to fully answer questions each night. (3 people grabbed the first slots as soon as I launched the first version of this page a few days ago)

Course:  $347

If you have questions, you can reach out to me via Facebook or email (winnie at winnieanderson dot com).

If you know you’re ready, just click the button below to buy the course

Deadline for registration: 5pm ET Tuesday, March 29th or when a total of 8 people register, whichever comes first.


You may feel you’d like to have more direct help from me as you go through the material and put together your show. Private help is available for only 3 people.

This Add-on includes…

  • A 2-hour mini-intensive planning session. We’ll work on whatever you want to in that time and could address things like using the show as part of your marketing funnel, planning to repurpose the content, the show’s format and structure, or anything else. You can use your 2-hours at any point in the program but it needs to be used by the end of the 12 weeks.
  • 3 private calls with me each month via Zoom or conference call line where we can discuss your specific situation and discuss your business and show in complete privacy.
  • I’ll review show-related documents or plans and give you my two-cents
  • You’ll get open-access to me (within reason) via all channels. If you’ve got a quick question, you can pick up the phone and if I’m available, I’ll answer it. If I’m not available I’ll call you back.

This extra support is just $500 a month (usually $800) for the length of the program (12 weeks / 3 months) — This is billed in 30 day increments. So you’d pay today, then the next invoice would be 30 days later, and the third invoice would be 30 days after that.

Click this button to buy the Add-On Support if you feel that would serve you.


Thanks again for your interest and I hope to have you in this first group.

PS. Yes, I’ll be running this again but the price will be higher and access to me is probably going reduced somewhat.