Common Mistakes Made Delivering Webinars

Webinar expert, Melodie Rush, shares common mistakes made when delivering webinars so you can avoid them and as her book says, “Deliver Webinars Like a Pro”.

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Show Notes

If there’s one thing we entrepreneurs all wish we had more of it’s time. And when I talk to entrepreneurs about things they struggle with to achieve their goals they often will talk about not having enough time and the need to get their message out to a larger audience.

Well there’s one thing that will help you with both of those objectives and that’s webinars.
But I know we’ve all been on webinars that have been less than stellar and that might make you nervous about using them too.

That’s why I asked today’s guest to join me to talk about the mistakes and how to avoid them.

Melodie Rush is a true expert when it comes to what makes a webinar successful. She’s delivered nearly 2000 webinars for her employer and in her own business. She’s presented nearly 2000 webinars to groups as small as 10 and as large as 500. Even though she’s a techie person with an undergrad degree in statistics and a masters in management she has the unique ability of being able to make the complex simple.

She literally wrote the book on delivering great webinars in her #1 international best seller Deliver Webinars Like a Pro. She produces the Webinar Report, a podcast that shares interviews with entreprneurs who share their triumphs and mistakes using webinars.

Something fun about her…I met her a few years ago when we sat next to each other at a seminar and we’ve become good friends. Melodie is an animal lover like me. She’s got two rescue cats and is a Zoo volunteer.

Listen in as she shares tips to help you deliver webinars like a pro. You’ll discover…

  • The benefits of webinars
  • 9 common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Melodie’s best tip for taking your webinar delivery skills to the next level

Terms Used In This Episode That Might Be New to You

Webinar – Virtual, educationally-focused event

Webcast – A live, virtual event, not necessarily educationally focused

Livestream – A live virtual event, often using specific software designed for the specific purpose of “streaming” video

Web Conference – a live virtual event with multiple speakers; may or may not include a networking component similar to a live conference

Links and Resources

Guest Links:
Melodie’s website

Melodie’s book – Deliver Webinars Like a Pro

Melodie’s course – Webinar Mastery: Beginner to Pro 

Additional Research

For B2B’s Webinars are a Winning Tactic

State of the Market: Making Webinars Work for You

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