Email Marketing Demystified

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An ongoing problem we all face is keeping in touch with potential, past, and current clients; referral partners, joint venture partners, and other segments of people vital to the running and growing of our businesses.

And there are so many communication tools and platforms out there — from email to social media, and more.

When faced with an ever growing list of things that have to get done and get done quickly, and a limited budget to work with, it can be easy to think that email is old hat and an unnecessary use of time and money.

But that’s not the case.

There are lots of reasons email continues to be important and that’s just some of the information my guest, Becca Brennan explains. Becca is a Customer Support Therapist for my email service provider, Mad Mimi.

Here’s what you’re going to discover when you listen to this episode:

  • Best practices for using email
  • Tips for keeping your messages from getting caught in the spam folders
  • Why you can’t just rely on social networking sites to deliver messages
  • Benchmark numbers so you can compare your email statistics and see how you’re doing
  • The benefits of breaking your list into segments and what to think of when you do that
  • Things to consider when you’re in the market for a new email service provider (ESP)
  • Definitions to all those confusing terms and an understanding of how all the pieces fit together


Terms Mentioned in This Episode

Email Service Provider (ESP)


Tribe / Community / Audience / Subscribers

Social Media


Web form / opt-in form / subscribe form

Best Practice

Free Download

Confirming the Opt-in / confirmation

Single Opt-in

Double Opt-in

Drip Campaign / autoresponder

View Rate / Open Rate

Bounce Rate

Hard Bounce

Soft Bounce



Sublists / segments


Caps Lock


Pre-Sale conversation


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Mad Mimi

Constant Contact


Mail Chimp



These are articles and additional resources I thought you might find helpful.

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Judy Jordan

Sue Brettell 

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