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Cameron Mattis, Head of Accounts and Sales at shares tips and strategies to help you get started creating and selling online courses. 


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Show Notes

One problem we all face is maximizing our time and revenue. One of the things you may be considering in order to do that is creating products so you can maximize your earning potential and profit from your expertise.

Products like books help you reach a larger audience and help you draw new potential clients into your community. They’re a low cost-low risk way to check you out.

Courses are a way to help you maximize your time by allowing you to serve more people in the same amount of time. A one-hour webinar can hold hundreds and even thousands of people if you’re just going to share information in a lecture format. I was recently in a virtual workshop with about 40 people and it was a great way for the facilitator to reach more people and maximize her earnings for the time investment.

There are a number of ways to offer courses to help your audience and maximize your earning potential so today’s episode introduces the idea of creating courses as a marketing and revenue generating opportunity.

Today’s guest is Cameron Mattis the head of sales and accounts at course platform Teachable.

Listen in as Cameron explains…

  • How to know if you’re ready to create a course
  • Questions to ask yourself before you dive in to course creation
  • Creative ways to leverage a course to maximize value on work you’re already doing including live events you’re hosting or books you’re writing
  • How to approach pricing and what to think about when you price
  • The impact a guarantee has on sales
  • Tips for creating a great course based on Teachable’s analysis of more than 12,000 accounts
  • Tips to consider when figuring your ROI on creating courses
  • How to choose a delivery platform for your courses

Be sure to listen all the way to the end and I’ll share your cocktail or reflection exercise and your action step for this episode.

Terms Used in This Episode That Might Be New to You

ROI / Return on Investment   – this speaks to what you get back from your investment.

Drip content – When you allow access to content over time rather than giving a student access to all of the course content at once

Payment plans  – when you break up the total owed over some span of time

“a school” — Teachable’s language for your home on their platform

Platform – In this case it describes a foundational software that holds courses


Links and Resources

Cameron’s Mom’s book — 101 Questions About Spanish

Cameron and the team at Teachable have a great gift for listeners of the show. You can get a free month of their Professional plan by clicking on this link. But there are some very important things to know….

  1. This offer is only for new customers
  2. You still need to enter a credit card to create your subscription but you wont’ be charged
  3. You’ll see a window that will tell you they’ll be charged $99 but you really won’t be. It’s a little glitch.

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