How to Choose and Use the Right Colors to Build Your Brand

For the most part, we’re visual animals. What we see plays a big role in our decision making and it helps us make very quick decisions whether we’re buying a product or we’re visiting a website.

So in marketing speak, color impacts conversions and it can strengthen (or weaken) a brand.

In this episode of #LetsTalkTech, brand developer and creative director, Sue Brettell reveals the psychology behind color and gives tips to help you choose a color palette that visually supports and strengthens the brand you’re building.

Listen in and you’ll discover:

  • The language of color – the meaning of the jargon designers use (don’t worry — we only give you the basics you need to know)
  • The psychology of color – so you don’t accidentally communicate the wrong message
  • What to do before you even think about working with a designer to create a logo or go through a rebrand

Terms Used in This Episode That Might Be New to You

  • Brand
  • Rebrand
  • Terms and concepts that relate to color (Sue’s created a reference for you)


Links and Resources

Sue has provided a guide that includes links to her favorite color resources to inspire and educate you including tools to help you choose a color palette and to help you uncover your brand values.

Take it Deeper with Additional Research

The Fundamentals of How Color Influences Buying Decisions – Kissmetrics

How Do Colors Affect Purchases? – Kissmetrics

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