How to Manage Your ADHD and Thrive as an Entrepreneur


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Show Notes

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough with the zillion things to do, the different hats we wear and balls we juggle. Then there’s this issue of managing all of the ideas we get. And doing all of that while serving clients, managing our team, and selling our services. Not to mention product creation, planning, and squeezing in a few minutes of living in there too.

If you’re starting to wonder if you’ve got ADD or something, you may be right.

Or maybe you know – as I do – you DO have ADD.

Well all is not lost.

You’re not destined to struggle to get everything done. I know you may struggle to stay focused but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to always struggle. It really is possible to have ADD or ADHD and not just survive, but to thrive.

Listen in and discover:

  • Signs you may have ADHD and why being an entreprenuer is the perfect “job” if you do have it
  • The 5 things entrepreneurs with ADD or ADHD struggle with
  • How my guest grew her business in spite of having ADD
  • The first area to focus on to get control of your ADD so you can concentrate on building your business
  • Low-tech secrets for getting out of overwhelm
  • The benefits of adding structure to your business
  • How to know if you need professional help and what type of professional you need: a coach, consultant, or therapist
  • Tips to make sure you’re prepared to go into an exploratory session with a coach or other professional

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Fidget Toys


Links and Resources

Process Street – process and workflow management tool

Pipefy – task and system tracker and planner with templates

Prjct  – an app to track time and money (for Apple only)

Basecamp – project management tool

The Fabulous Judy – Judy Jordan, my virtual production / event assistant

Test on Psych Central to help you recognize if you may have ADD 

ADD-itude magazine

Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner

Get some fidget toys:

From Trainer’s Warehouse

From the Therapy Shoppe


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Take It Deeper With Additional Research

How fidget toys help you focus from The Atlantic

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