How to Market Your Podcast


If you’re thinking about launching a podcast or you launched one and looking to grow it then marketing your show is and should be a concern.

How do you get listeners and how do you grow your show’s listeners?

Listen in as I interview Joel Boggess, podcast and book launch expert and co-host of the award-winning show, Relaunch.

When you listen to this episode you’ll discover:

  • When you need to start marketing your show
  • Tips for marketing your past episodes
  • Tips for launching a show when no one knows you
  • 3 ingredients you need to get to #1
  • Strategies for using offline marketing to launch and market a show
  • How to measure ROI
  • The #1 thing Joel would do differently if he were starting over

Terms in This Episode You Might Not Be Familiar With




Recycling past episodes

Launch Team

Return on Investment (ROI)


Links and Resources

Hoot Suite

Tweet Jukebox

Social Oomph



Google Alerts

Joe’ls podcast – Relaunch

Joel on social media – Facebook LinkedIn
Joel’s article about knowing your Avatar
Becoming a Category of One by Joe Calloway


Go Deeper With Additional Research

11 Clever Ways to Promote Your Podcast to the World – Entrepreneur Magazine’s website

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience from 100s to 1000s – Podcasters’ Roundtable


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