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Show Notes

Sometime between Friday, April 29th and Saturday April 30th all three of my WordPress-based websites were infected with malware. It was a horrible experience. It was stressful, tine consuming, expensive, and damaged my business.

Since then I’ve been researching web and website security and since the mission of Let’s Talk Tech is to help listeners understand the tech needed to run and grow a profitable business I’ve decided that an element of that mission needs to focus on keeping us safe and protecting what we’re working so hard to build.

WordPress is touted as being easy to learn – which it is not – and it’s celebrated because it’s free and open source. But those things also make it vulernable to attacks by hackers and other internet niscreants.

I think it’s important for us all to get educated about protecting our web property and I encourage you to start thinking about your web property just like you think of your physical property – that it needs to be protected.

So that’s why I asked today’s guest, Tommy Oddo, a web developer from Texas to join me on the show today.

In this episode you’re going to discover:

  • Common but easily fixable mistakes many people make that put their website’s safety at risk
  • Why WordPress is vulnerable to attack
  • How plugins can make your site vulnerable
  • Actions you can take to reduce your vulnerability and lower the potential to be hacked
  • Hosting’s role in web site safety and what to think about when choosing a host
  • What to look for when hiring a web developer

Terms Used in This Episode That Might Be Knew to You


Content Management System











IP  address


Staging Server

Backing Up

Web developer

Web Server

Shared hosting

VPS – Virtual Private Servers

Security plugin




Page speed insights


Server Environment






Links and Resources

Today’s guest’s links:

Tommy Oddo’s business site

Tommy on Linkedin (Tell him you heard him on Let’s Talk Tech!)

Follow Tommy on Twitter

The episode where I first talked about my malware infection.



WP Engine


Backup Buddy



1Password (what Tommy uses)

LastPass (what Winnie uses)

Media Temple

iThemes security pro plugin

Yoast SEO  

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  

Google webmaster account

WP3 Cache  



Take It Deeper with Additional Research

How Hackers Take Down Websites – From Scientific American

How WordPress Sites Get Hacked and What to Do About It


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