How to Take 2.5 Months Off and Run Your Business From the Road

Listen in as a successful entrepreneur shares how he structured his business to allow he and his wife to take a 2 1/2 month cross-country trip while running his business from the road and still earning money.


I’m sure like me, you launched your business with the dream of having lots of free time to travel whenever you wanted and to work from wherever you wanted.

I’m in the process of figuring out how to make that work for me so when I saw my friend Bruce Jones take 2 and a half months off to drive across country with his wife I really paid attention.

I told Bruce he had to come on the show and talk about how he made it happen.

Bruce of Bruce the Book Guy has been on this show 3 times prior to this and 2 of those episodes are in the show’s top 10.

That’s a testimony to the great information he always shares.

Bruce Jones is a 30+ year business graphic designer, author and product developer. Bruce is international bestselling author and creator of over 40 books on geography, music, business, children’s and coloring. He speaks and consults on publishing, social media, blogging, video and general marketing.

Bruce is a creator of the Facebook group, How to Publish Your Book with over 1600 members. He has also developed several software products sold worldwide that are used for business, sales and educational presentations.

Bruce has developed several online training programs for beginning authors with his How to Publish Your Book School. Courses include 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book, Easy Journal Books and How to Market Your Book.

You can find more information on Bruce and his publishing activities
Be sure to listen all the way to the end and I’ll share your reflection exercise and action step for this episode.

In this episode bruce shares…

• The two track approach to business building that allowed him to prepare for his cross country trek
• How he decided to let go of one of the tracks.
• The single thing that really set them up to make the trip happen.
• How to minimize the need for customer service
• The 4 people you need behind you to make an extended trip work
• The personal details he recommends taking care of before launching on a trip like this.
• The one thing he found hardest to adjust to
• An important tip if you’re going to be leaving your house vacant for an extended time
• And lots of tips and strategies to help you have a fun trip, keep your costs reasonable, while leveraging tech to do it and run your business at the same time.

Terms That Might Be New to You

Web team
Durable Power of Attorney
Lewis and Clark Trail
National Parks

Links to Resources

Orbitz App — for Apple at the iTunes Store and for Android at the Google Play Store
AAA (“triple A”)
UPS Store
National Park System
Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail (the book Bruce used to plan his trip)
Links to Guest Resources
Bruce’s Website – which includes links to his courses
Bruce’s Facebook group

Bruce’s author’s page on Amazon with all of his books
Take it deeper with additional research
How to Plan a Cross-Country Road Trip – from USA Today

And here’s a great article on seeing America by train for just $213 

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