Intro to Podcasting

If you’re an entrepreneur you’re probably looking for a way to get your message out to a wider audience and attract more clients, while positioning yourself as a unique authority for your best clients.

You may be watching others launching podcasts or profiting from them and wondering if this is something right for you.

This episode is designed to help you think that through and to demystify the tech to do it.

I interview podcasting and digital marketing expert Paul Colligan who gives the basics on podcasting and talks about what you need to know before jumping in.

When you listen you’ll discover:

  • What makes podcasting completely unique and powerful as a content delivery method
  • How to not get caught up in the tech
  • 3 beliefs potential podcasters tend to have that make Paul sad and can limit the impact of a show
  • a great question to ask yourself that will help you create evergreen content
  • The basic tech you need to get started
  • The 4 M’s of podcasting





Show notes



Links and Resources

Podcast Expert Blueprint (Paul’s course)

Mindnode — mindmapping tool Paul uses

Episode #69 of The Podcast Report

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The Podcast Report

Uber Conference

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