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If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for the best way to extend your reach, get your message out in a powerful way, and leverage your time well.

Sometimes that all seems impossible.

Well in this episode I talk to Gail Turner Brown who has embraced Blab and is using it to position herself and her clients, pre-sell their offerings by connecting with and resonating with the audience, and profiting through direct sales of their offerings and indirectly by growing their networks and audiences.

This is the second episode I’ve done on the topic of livestreaming. The first episode was with John Cote and it’s titled Is Live Mobile Streaming Right for You? If you haven’t checked out that episode, you can do that by clicking the link.

In this episode, Gail shares:

  • How to use blab to position and differentiate yourself, pre-sell your offerings, and profit from your expertise.
  • The difference between Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab.
  • Benefits to using Blab.
  • Why Gail chose Blab and why she likes it so much over other platforms.
  • How to monetize your Blab and even use it to raise money for charity.
  • The hardest thing about running a Blab event.
  • Tips that promote engagement.
  • 5 Ways to repurpose a Blab event.

Be sure to listen all the way through to the end of the episode. I’ll be back to share my ideas on ways you can use Blab that might not have been obvious to you.

Terms You May Not be Familiar with That are Used in This Episode


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