Local Marketing Tips – 3 Strategies for More Clients Close to Home

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We all have visions of getting clients from all over once we’ve got a website up, don’t we?

But with Google giving you results based on your location even when you’re at your desk, it makes sense that attracting local clients could and should become a big part of your “getting found” strategy.

In this episode, I talk with local marketing and video expert Jenn Foster of BizSocialBoom.com. Jenn give 3 strategies to use to get more local clients and she gives great, simple steps to put them to work.

You might feel overwhelmed when listening to this but remember what my friend, webinar expert and “friend of the show” Melodie Rush saysz: “Start where you are”.

There are lots of tips in here so listen with a notebook 🙂

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Show Notes

When you listen to this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between local marketing and mobile marketing (although this is getting more and more blurred as more people search from a mobile device like a phone or tablet)
  • The many different places that have become their own search engines (some you might not have thought of)
  • The most critical element of creating a strong, local presence in search (it starts with a C)
  • Factors to consider when trying to decide to DIY-it or hire someone to help – plus how to figure out what type of help you need
  • The types of video you need on your website
  • The 3 strategies to help you leverage local marketing and create a strong online presence


(Definitions will be added soon)

  • SEO
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social media
  • Search Engines
  • Hash tags
  • Local listing
  • online reviews
  • DBA
  • Directories
  • Explainer video — the teaser or intro video
  • Comic Sans — a font type (please don’t use it)
  • Intro video
  • Fresh Content
  • VA / Virtual Assistant — people who perform task-specific work based on your already existing processes or procedures.
  • Consultant


This is a list of resources mentioned in the episode

  • Yellow pages
  • Dex
  • Google, Yahoo (but they’re starting to charge), Bing local (merging with Yahoo but their map listings are separate right now)
  • Yext
  • Google Docs
  • Super Pages
  • City Search
  • Urban Spoon
  • Yelp