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This is the second audio episode in what’s become a mini series on self-publishing with book and product creation expert Bruce Jones. If you haven’t caught the previous episode(s) be sure to do that. And watch the special video episode as well.

Creating a book is a huge project and getting the book done is just one piece of the puzzle. You’ve got to market the book and leverage it. So in this episode, Bruce and I talk about book marketing. This is not designed to be the last word on the topic, but it should give you some ideas and strategies to consider as you put together your book and its marketing plan.

** In this episode I refer to the other episodes I did with Bruce and I call one of them “episode 13” but that was a mistake. THIS one is 13. The first episode was number 12. Sorry for any confusion.

You can download this episode by right-clicking this link and saving it to your computer.

Listen in and you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Phases of Book Marketing along with tips and to-do’s for each phase
  • When you need to start marketing your book
  • What a “launch team” is and how they can help you market the book
  • Suggestions for leveraging the content of your book and for using the content as part of your marketing strategy
  • The free marketing hub Amazon provides for you
  • How to effectively use the book itself as a marketing tool for your other books, products, and services in ways that come across as professional not as salesy
  • The key thing Bruce uses to decide what marketing tactics to use for his own books

And much more! 🙂

Terms In This Episode That Might Be New to You

  • Platform
  • Platform Building
  • Kindle
  • Author Central


Links and Resources

Bruce’s main website

Bruce’s Facebook group

Bruce’s Author Central Page on Amazon

John Cote’s Author Central Page 

Mike Koenigs

Paul Colligan

Paul’s book about You Tube

How to claim your Author Central listing on Amazon


Go Deeper With Additional Research

Joel Friedlander is a great resource for independent authors

Joanna Penn is another great resource for authors who self-publish

How to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle Book by Michael Hyatt


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