Maximize Engagement in Virtual Events: Demo of Shindig platform

This episode is a discussion about live virtual events while demonstrating and testing the virtual event platform, Shindig.


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Show Notes

Live virtual events are becoming more important and more mainstream as a host of platforms makes them easier to run and easier to attend.

But what platform is right for you, for your attendees, and for your objectives?

This special episode of Let’s Talk Tech is a demonstration and discussion of those issues with the founder and CEO of the virtual event platform, Shindig.

You can watch the full video below or you can listen the audio recording of the episode.

Listen in and you’ll discover:

  • the challenge of offering a large video event
  • Problems with existing platforms, the live event experience, and maximizing interaction in online events
  • Whether or not you need an admin and why you may need more than one for a virtual event
  • What type of events is Shindig right for
  • Tips for maximizing engagement and learning among your audience members
  • Features of the Shindig platform

Terms Used in This Episode That Might be New to You

Second Life – a virtual world on the Web where participants create an avatar and can participate in activities, build relationships, and run businesses

Avatars – These can have two meanings. One refers to the graphic image of a computer user and the other is a reference to a profile of an ideal client. That one is also referred to as a brand persona.

Feedback Loop – a mechanism for getting information – in this case from your attendee or participant in your virutal event

Broadcast Pod – Shindig’s language for the frame that holds the speaker’s or attendee’s image on screen

Links and Resources for This Episode

Steve Gottlieb on LinkedIn

Shindig’s company website

Shindig on Twitter 

Shindig on Facebook


Additional Research

How to Run a Virtual Event with 18,000 Registrants 

The State of Virtual Events in 2016 

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