This will be an ongoing list of the tools I or my guests use and recommend. Naturally, we strongly recommend that you do your own research and make the decision that’s right for you.

Domain Registrar:




Email Service Provider:  

Mad Mimi

Web Storage: 

Amazon Web Services / S3 account (this is what I use for storing media files I’m working on — video or audio — along with files that are available as downloads)

Google Docs / Google Apps: Friends and I use these tools for things we’re working on and sharing.

For help putting together your book (converting it into a Kindle book or a physical book you’ll self-publish through Amazon):

Bruce Jones at

For help planning your book project including planning the budget, project timeline, budget, and more I recommend the program I’ve created.


There are different people who approach this differently. Who you work with or choose to study with should depend on the approach you like, whether you’re doing this completely yourself, or whether you have a budget to get help. I strongly recommend Duncan Moss of Moss Media. Be sure to check out his episode and the resources he’s offered to the #LetsTalkTech community.

Productivity and Management:


Slack (I don’t like this as much as Basecamp)

Evernote (I’m going to downgrade my plan to the free level because I like Basecamp so much)

Podcast Production

Audacity (free audio recording and editing software that Judy and I both use)

Camtasia (for video recording and editing)

Zoom – rapidly becoming my go-to platform for conducting interviews, free and paid levels

Libsyn — media host for the podcast

Blue Microphones – I use a Nessie but before you buy think about the physical space you’ll be working in. If I had it to do over again I’d get the style of mic that fits in a boom arm. It’s not too much more and gives you more flexibility and better sound quality.


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