The Best Tools to Position Yourself as a Trusted Authority

Listen in as Online Marketing expert Mike Koenigs shares his best strategies for positioning yourself as the trusted authority to your ideal audience and potential clients and pre-selling them on working with you. All this is done by using the hottest free tool on the market today combined with other strategies that leverage your knowledge and talents.


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Show Notes:

As entrepreneurs it can be easy to get confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by technology and by creating content. The best way to deal with that is to embrace what’s working now, narrow your focus, and repurpose the content into other message delivery tools that you can give away free or that people can pay you for.

But there are some critical elements you need to consider before you jump in and that’s what today’s interview is going to clear up.

It’s not often I get to interview someone I can say is truly one of my heroes but that’s the case in this episode.

Mike Koenigs is Chief Disruptasaurus of You Everywhere Now. He’s a 10-time bestselling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneurn, angel investor, filmmaker, and patened inventor. He’s earned over $47 million online and has helped more than 47,000 customers in nearly 100 countries start and grow profitable businesses, become best selling authors themselves, and create information products.

Mike is also a stage 3 cancer survivor and a great teacher.

Listen in as he shares:

  • The 2 technologies he’s in love with right now to get clients quickly and to build an audience and get attention
  • The single best place to go to meet great potential clients who you know are spending money and investing in their own development
  • What to connect with inside you to create a powerful message
  • the 3 simple things that are the foundation of every great business
  • The two best ways to build an engaged audience
  • The critical piece of every expert’s marketing and sales funnel
  • Why books are still and always will be the best marketing tool for any business
  • The simple thing to do to start earning more revenue
  • One of the most powerful skills you can learn
  • The one thing every entrepreneur should start doing right away
  • The one thing every entrepreneur should stop doing right away

Mike has some great gifts for you and he shares them at the end and I’ll share your reflection exercise and your action step for this episode when you hang around til the end.

Terms in This Episode That Might Be New to You

Mobile Text Marketing

Expert Problem Solver

The Lucky Sperm Club

Zuckerberg’s Law

Marketing Funnel

Your “story”


Pain or Discontent (as it relates to customers or yourself)


Brand Consistent message

Links to People and Resources Mentioned

JJ Virgin

John Assaraf

Pam Hendrickson

You Tube Live


Guest Links

Mike on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Mike’s You Tube channel

Mike’s Author page on Amazon

Mike’s free offer: Text the word TECH to 858 213 0030 to get a copy of Mikes book on how to be a video interviewer.

You can also receive a free 30-day trial to mobile text software Skipio and they’ll call you up and help you get set up, PLUS you’ll receive a copy of “6-Figure Text Messages” which is how he generates an audience using one-minute videos.

Mike’s programs:

Go Live and Profit

Celebrity Bootcamp

Publish and Profit

Consult and Profit

Additional Research

How to Use Facebook Live – a Complete Guide, from Hubspot

It’s ‘digital heroin’ – How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies, New York Post. This is the article I mentioned about kids, their brains, and addiction

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