The Tech Used to Go From Zero to Six Figures

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Show Notes

I started this show back in January of 2016 because of my own frustration with technology and with the feelings of overwhelm I had trying to choose among the different options and platforms on the market as well as the shear number of tech tools needed to run and grow a business as an independent professional.

One of the episodes I always dreamed of doing would be one where someone talked about starting out and hwo their tech needs changed as they grew.

Believe it or not it took me more than a year to find someone willing to share.

M. Shannon Hernandez is the creator of the Content Personality Wheel(TM) and founder of the Content Strategy Academy(TM). Her mission is to help business owners become thought leaders through the use of content branding so they can positively impact more people.

Shannon inspires others as a content branding straategist, kick-ass business coach, and motivational speaker.

She’s been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, The Huffington Post, and in the Boston Globe as well as Identity Magazine.

She travels the country and speaks regularly, motivating audiences to take action and build the life and business of their dreams through aligned content and smart strategy.

So listen in as Shannon shares…

  • The techtools she used to get started and the limitations she discovered as she quicky grew her brand from startup to six figures.
  • The downside she discovered to using Paypal as her payment processor when she started teaching courses and programs.
  • The 4 people she hired before she even had one client.
  • The one critical skill every entrepreneur needs or they’re going to have to hire out to get it.
  • What she considered when making the decision to pay for a marketing automation tool.
  • When you need to hire help in your business
  • Why she chose Ontraport as her marketing automation tool and what she wants you to consider if you’re planning to offer training and certifications in your own programs.

As always, be sure to listen all the way to the end where I share your reflection exercise and your action step for this episode.

Terms in This Episode That Might Be New to You

Content Strategy
Marketing Automation
Merchant Account
User Experience

Resources referred to

Mail Chimp
Instant Teleseminar – get a 21-day trial for just $1
Facebook Live
Jigsaw Box

Guest Links

Shannon’s website
Shannon on Social Media: Facebook   Linkedin   Twitter You Tube

Shannon’s Facebook group, The Content Strategy Lab

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