Video Marketing Secrets – The After Show

A day or two after the audio episodes go live on iTunes I host a Blab with that week’s guest. That’s what you’re seeing here – a replay of what I refer to as the “after show” and I host them on Blab.

Here’s a link to the original podcast episode I did with Duncan Moss of Moss Media Solutions.

This After Show episode was more than a little crazy since I ended up having tech problems and couldn’t stay on the session. Gail Turner Brown, a Blab expert who is also a friend of mine joined the session and I had happened to make her a cohost in the minute or so I was on. She jumped in and started managing things until I was able to get back in.

This is a VERY long session but I think the information is really good.

So make some popcorn and grab a beverage and give this a watch.

By the way, I mention some tech pieces in the video and I’m going to paste some images in here so you can check them out. Yes, these are affiliate links.

This is the adapter I use that connects the second computer monitor to my computer tower.

This is very similar to the small, flexible tripod I have. I actually paid more for mine but I think it’s been discontinued.