What’s a Customer Relationship Management System?


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If you’ve:

  • searched for the notes you wrote about that guy you sat next to at lunch last week who said he was looking for the sort of solution you provide
  • lost out on submitting a proposal because you missed the date
  • gotten in touch with a potential client only to hear you’re too late — they signed a contract with someone else

then it’s likely time you started using some tool to help you manage all these details and stay on top of them. You need a customer relationship management system or CRM.

I know. You’re thinking “UGH! Another thing I need to learn? I don’t have time.”

Or maybe you’re thinking “GAH! Another thing I need to buy?!”

I know what else you’re thinking — “But how do I choose the right one for me?”

Been there. Asked the same questions.

So when a rep from the CRM firm Address Two reached out to set up a sales call, I pitched them to come on the show 🙂

In this episode, I talk with Troy Hanna, President of Sales and Marketing for Address Two and when you listen you’ll discover:

  • Why CRMs are so powerful
  • How to maximize the benefit of using a CRM – including shortening your sales process so you help clients say “yes” faster (which would improve your cash flow)
  • Tips to choosing the right CRM for you and your business (it’s a combination of things you need to consider)
  • Troy’s 6-step process to develop the habit of using a CRM system


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